Gear Resource Technologies
Engineered Workholding for the Gear Manufacture


Engineered Workholding for Gear Manufacturing


Workholding Solutions for Gear Manufacturing since 1997

Gear Resource Technologies Inc. (GRT) has focused directly upon the precision workholding needs of gear manufacturers, since 1997.

We have a highly responsive engineering team, combining many years of professional experience.  Our engineers also have extensive experience with on-site consultation.  GRT understands the complex issues that can arise because of industry-specific requirements.  Additionally, we are sensitive to the time constraints that often affect clients and the manufacturing process.  We have the expertise and we can help.

The process - After a discussion with the client and in-depth analysis, GRT will assemble a quote and present it for review.  Once all parties are in agreement and we receive an official Purchase Order, we will go to work to deliver on that agreement.

GRT promises accurate solutions, in a timely fashion, and we work hard to deliver on that promise. 

Engineering Capability: We optimize the design of all spring elements (collets, hydraulic sleeves, diaphragms, and compression bushings) by FEA means as a standard part of our process. We solid model all of our work. We have developed an extensive CNC gear machine database, as well as a reference library of hundreds of proven designs. We have substantial experience in FEA methods for assessing stress, stiffness, impact and fatigue. We export to several solids modeling formats. We commonly generate .pdf or .dwg data outputs to satisfy customer archival requirements.

Documentation: We provide complete assembly and detail documentation in PDF format at no charge to the customer.  Other formats are available at additional costs.

Manufacturing: We manufacture and personally test all of our products, here in Rochester, NY. Our local manufacturing partner, since inception, has been Morgood Tools Inc.  With 40 plus employees Morgood Tools, Inc. has been the premier specialists in precision grinding, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, for over 70 years. GRT maintains an assembly and testing office right at their facility. 

Shipping: GRT has experience with all types of shipments using many different shipping companies.  We have many international customers and we ship world-wide.  And unless otherwise instructed, we complete and provide all appropriate documentation - nationally and internationally – including, but not limited to: Canadian Customs, NAFTA, European and Asian Customs.

Customer Base: Our client base consists of businesses of all sizes and nationalities.  We have over 100+ customers, and as mentioned above, we ship to clients in many other countries. Our customers include:  Eaton, GKN, Deere, American Axle, Linamar, Mitsubishi, Meritor, TEAM, Baldor, Magna, General Motors, Ford, Honda, Sundyne – and many others.  We are proud to be of service to all of our customers.

We also regularly support several well-known OEM’s with runoff workholding for new and re-manufactured machines.



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